Raja (Robin Sohi) is the son of a rich landowner. He has no ambition in lifestyles and whiles away his time in the enterprise of other time-wasters in his village. whilst his father is always in a violent temper over Raja’s permanent kingdom of right-for-nothingness, his mother loves him to bits.

In a peculiar scene, with his pleasure injured while a village under the influence of alcohol accuses him of by no means being capable of go abroad, Raja vows he will and emerge as an Abroadiya’ (someone who receives a overseas citizenship) and processes a visa representative, the beautiful Preety (Vaishnavi Patwatrdhan).

In some other bizarre plot factor within the movie, Raja faux-marries Preety and leaves for ‘overseas’ aka Germany. There, one misadventure follows some other as Raja tries to connect with white ladies, however in the method discovers his feelings for Preety.

Raja’s person is modelled after Govinda’s iconic Raja Babu, consisting of clothes and behavior, but is in no way as humorous. The humorous detail in the film is basically about Punjabi stereotypes and it falls flat.

The simplest redeeming nice of the movie is the performance by Yograj Singh as Raja’s indignant-yet-loving father, Succha Singh.

With an overkill of songs and a plot that has gaping holes when it comes to who loves whom and why, there may be little within the movie to understand.

At the same time as at instances, it does get you with its goofiness on some silly scenes, the ones moments are few and far among. A horrific edit and shaky camera paintings supply us a film that doesn’t fly too far.